Golden Gift Basket

This beautifully gold-themed gift basket comes with a unique metal container that screams fabulous. The Golden Gift gift basket is ideal to celebrate your office’s achievements and efforts by recognizing your hard-working administrative team. This gift is filled with sweets and savory snacks that will have everyone happy and recognized. These cookies, Godiva chocolates, Bruschetta, Fontazzi Butter Crunch. All that and a bow.



This elegant Gold basket is perfect for the administrative professional week gift you’re looking for! Filled with gourmet sweet and savory treats. This metal container is filled to the brim with Fontazzi Butter Crunch Popcorn, California Pistachios, Godiva Chocolate Cashews, Chocolate Cookies, Gourmet Nut Snack Mix, Pretzel Pete, Godiva Masterpieces, Chocolate Bar, and Bruschetta.


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Executive Baskets can incorporate custom requested treats or something personal you have purchased into a basket or decorative container for that extra special gift.  We also specialize in business branded baskets featuring your products.  Contact an Executive Baskets representative today about custom designs and volume discounts.