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Mother’s Day Delight Gift Basket

Who doesn’t have a fond memory of that special person in your life that you see as a mother figure? Well! What are you waiting to make her feel like the Queen that she is? The Mother’s Day Delight gift basket is designed for moms and heroes to make them feel like you mean it when you call her Mom. For starters it comes with the bubble that we all love like a bottle of Champagne; follow with Brie Cheese spread, and finish up with delicious Godiva Truffles.



An adorable silver bucket filled to the brim with Godiva Truffles, Godiva Chocolate Cashews, Marich Chocolate Toffee, Brie Cheese Spread, Puff Pastries, Chocolate Chip Bites, Bruschetta, and a Bottle of Champagne.


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